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Individual Therapy is a one-on-one client centered approach used to identify goals and objectives the client seeks to accomplish. With the use of face to face interactions, and therapist guided interventions, clients learn how to identify triggers and develop coping mechanisms that allow them to face past and future events, by identifying and utilizing internal/external resources and positive support systems

Couples and Family Counseling guides clientele through a series of conversations on an individual, couples and/or family session that reveal anger, fears, and needs, in order to resolve concerns within their relationship and/or family. With this type of setting, couples and/or families learn healthier or improved methods of communication, modify perceptions/behaviors, and develop tools for conflict resolution to prevent individual and family crises to foster a stronger, more successful relationship.

Medication Management is a face-to-face service to determine the need or effectiveness for a prescription medication. Medications are prescribed to alleviate systems and are often utilized in conjunction with other forms of treatment such as counseling and behavioral management to make treatment more effective.

Medical Cannabis Evaluations

In order to get your medical marijuana card for PTSD you must be evaluated by a psychiatrist or prescribing psychologist . Our doctors can provide you with all the necessary paperwork and medical cannabis certification. If you would like to be evaluated by one of our medical cannabis-friendly doctors REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT using the submission form on the Right . 



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